Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Zee Germans are Coming!!!

On Friday (14th)Lukas and Shao from German based Team Nemo are flying over to visit the vibrant UK Parkour scene and train with as many Traceurs as they can. They will be joined by another team member, Marvin, on the 19th and they be here to the 23rd. These guys really excited to see all the popular spots so if anyone is around, especially during the week give us an email or call.

We are heading down to Southbank with them on Sunday, so if anyone is about, we'll see you there.

We met the team in Essen, Germany over the summer, and we could tell straight away these guys were very dedicated and had a good Parkour spirit. So we invited them over to London and we hope they will leave a little wiser, stronger and tired from the experience.

Any we leave you with a little vid they did last year for German tv...
Reportage über Parkour Ok43


At 10:40 pm, Anonymous Usagi said...

"ooouuuuuu - weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"
it was a nice trip to england.
i saw a lot of great locations and new kinds of training methods.
thx. saiyans for this experience


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