Friday, March 09, 2007

Say cheese!

For thoese that missed it, D.Belle staring in an Canno add. Very cool!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Saiyans Mate..

"I and some of you are warriors of our time; in the past their barriers would have been other men, with swords or rocks or fists;We are here to combat the obstacles in our ways, the barriers (mentally and physically) that man has created.
Live the day to it's extent and do all you can but not to recklessness, again discipline is key, we must control (for lack of a better word) ourselves and our students in order for them to progress safely and consistantly."

There are so few Traceur in the uk scene as thought provoking as Brad Moss aka Binary, and so I incourage you to visit his blog and have a good look around.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Georges Hébert (1875-1957)
A French soldier and philosopher of physical culture. He was inspired by the athletic qualities of natives he encountered while serving in the French Navy in Africa. He developed a philosophy of physical culture from his observations called the Natural Method. Part of that philosophy had an emphasis on training by obstacle courses. These obstacle courses, known as Parcours Du Combattant, have become part of military training systems throughout the world. Part of Hebert's philosophy was that physical training should strengthen one’s moral fabric. His motto was "Être fort pour être utile," be strong to be useful. This is an important foundation of parkour philosophy.
Just a little on the man that helped Le-Parkour come to light.
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