Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Airwaves Parkour Night

Airwaves Parkour Night

Airwaves Big Box Parkour Night
29.08.07 | 30.08.07

Airwaves Big Box Parkour Night

“Always take a breath”, the motto guilty this year on the 29th and 30th August. David Belle the founder of the Worldwide Parkour movement in the capital of Germany.

Brief Event Info

29. August 2007 - Airwaves Big Box Parkour Night, from 18:00 Pm 30. August 2007 - Airwaves Big Box Parkour Workshop, from 10:00 Am

Berlin, at the tube Station [in German: U-Bahnstation] Bundestag under the Reichstag


More information and details about the sequence of events will follow soon on the Homepages . Already you can secure you place at the evening event on the 29.08 and the Workshop on the 30.08. Just send an E-Mail (Just English or German please) to be registered (Minimum age: 14).


In a breathtaking production, David Belle and his Crew in Cooperation with the Parkour Association Germany and the Austrian Parkour Association will make Parkour to never before seen experience.

Nut just the type of production will be spectacular. Many other Traceur’s will be in Action at the Airwaves Big Box Parkour Night.


The Company Wrigley together with the Parkour Association Germany chose the tube line 55 (still sleeping) under the Reichstag in Berlin for the Airwaves Big Box Parkour Night, this location will offer Traceur’s a wide range of new and interesting obstacles.

Find your way to Berlin!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


It was a year ago today that we decided to set up this quaint little blog we call the SaiyanGarden. It was our good friend Dale who encouraged us to get a blog saying "Think, in a year from now you can look back and so how far you have come." But its been more than that, its allowed us to keep up with Mogli's events in Austria, and its given us a place to have a moan without it being moderated. Its also meant we have kept in touch with all our good traceur friends around the country and the world and kept us just about visible on the parkour radar. lol
Anyway hopefully this next year we'll post a little more. If anyone wants to see what we've been ranting on about this year past; it's all there in the archives.
Hopefully see everyone soon
ps: Hi again to all the people we met at the Trace Gathering, if we didn't trade numbers there drop us a message and we'll hook up and practise.
Peace SaiyanClan