Thursday, August 27, 2009

Twio-X and Flow

A couple of Weekends back we had some good friends staying from the continent. We had Alex, Ronny, Runa, Stefan and Tilo from Twio-X in Leipzig, Germany. Alex and Moses go way back to the "" days, but we first met them when we were teaching at the playstation workshops last year in Germany and Austria. We also had our good man Flow, who rode his bike all the way from Vienna in his home country of Austria, through various different parts of Europe, including Lisses, sleeping where nature would have him. Luckily we had a bit of space, save him sleeping in the Saiyan garden. :P
Packing all these guests into our humble abodes was no easy feat! (Thanks again to the Saiyan mums for the patience.)

We started saturday up in Broadfizzle for a light warm up in Black Square where we met up with our students Elliot, Mitch and PJ and also Doug from Canterbury, (or Dak, if u ask Flo) who had been housing Flo since his two wheeled arrival in this country. We jumped on the train down to Waterloo, a train ride that felt a lot shorter than usual due to a rudamentary paper ball and Tilo and Flo's encyclopaedic ability to recall Jukebox hits of the past few decades! Down at imax we crossed over with some of the large numbers gathered for the 3run family jam. The place was rammed so we decided to get on a bit of slacklining between the two trees while the euros tackled the crowd to get a little blue wall action. We spent the day trying to hit as many of the close spots as we could like OXO and BFI, as the guys only had a short time in LDN.

Sunday morning definitely got off to a slower start but i've always felt thats what Sundays are there for. We were joined again by Doug who set up camp locally, and our students Mitch, PJ and Scott. We eventually managed to get on a train bound for Tooting, another journey that would have been a lot longer without handball and karaoke! We went down to Earlsfield to meet with PKGen's Tracey, Dan and Brian and the girls at their monthy girl jam. Runa spends all her time training with guys, and although this may have its advantages I'm sure she enjoyed training with the girls. We spent the afternoon training in the estate and in the local kids park. We couldnt have picked a better day to go, as Tracey organised an after training bbq in the park where we all relaxed, chatted and cooked things that i thought had no place on a bbq. one being haloumi cheese, which was really good, the other was banana.....which the jury are still out on.

Although their stay was short, the weekend was really fun! We had a great time training and a good laugh when we wernt. Thanks to Alex, Flo, Ronny, Runa, Stefan and Tilo for being such great guests, you are all welcome back anytime! Thanks to Tracey, Dan, Brian and all the girls at Earlsfield. Also big shout to Fez and Adam down on Saturday from the Lincoln Manner!!


edit: Here a link to the Official Twio-X vid!

....Here's a couple more pics of the weekend....

Thursday, August 20, 2009


just a small post from japan to let you know my parkour trip is going very well, met alot of people that love pk and realy dig the saiyan vibe!! im in kyoto at the mo then heading back up to tokyo next day or 2. im in love with japn, its the best place iv ever been for pk and the people are super cool, i get no shit jumping round just alot of love from cops lol anyway im dead and am off 2 eat now will post a fat right-up asap. love and miss all my saiyans.
oh its wenesday..blake and daffy best be on the class 2day.
sayonara, cable
(caps lock is broken)