Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feedback on our Parkour classes.

Well done to everyone just for turning up on such a miserable night! You all trained very hard! Its inspiring to see young guys like yourselves out crawling through puddles and climbing up slippery walls when you could be hiding at home with your xbox!
Keep it up guys :)
Marcin hope your feeling alright you soldier!

Sonke "Jey nice trainig, nice experience today. Never trained in such heavy rain was bloody hell and after i was freezing extremly. And I hurt myself on the way home :( Got stuck with the scooter in a small hole and fell off. But just hit my knee a bit. Thumb up for all who made it today :)"

Matthew Mattias "the weather may not have been that good but i enjoyed it anyway the wierdest thing for me was i was warmer with my shorts on then when i had my trousers on =P"

Cable "Today was hard, 50 arm jumps and 150 precision jumps from hip height, 6 foot across in the snow! Big ups to you that made it"

Chris Zark " Very nice stuff today :) 20 precisions, 10 climp ups and 20 cat leaps. That was just the first hour... :D Today was tough guys. But i still enjoyed it, i feel i improved in some way :D"

Marcin Lorenz "hey i just came back from hospital my ribs are not broken but the doctor said it waz a very bad hit and that i cant do parkour for like 3 weeks :( i had an x-ray and they said it looks fine but i waz bad hit. but i will be coming 2 classes to watch you guys!!:)"

If you like the sound of are Parkour classes and want to join in let us know, email, blog or
Saiyan facebook.

Monday, February 22, 2010


An amazing video : Artur

Logan Mcpain

Hitler kicks off about pk!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Class, who will make it!

Hope you guys saved some power for this weeks class.
Thursdays 18th: Meet at the Blacksquare 4.30pm ends at 6.30pm (Games at the end so may go on till 7pm)
Keep up the hard work guys and train till you cant stand!!
Bring water, snacks and first aid kits. Saiyans

Friday, February 12, 2010

I love Parkour!!

This valentine's weekend The Saiyans will be in Broadfields for Parkour and SlackLineing traning from 1.30pm till late. We hope you can make it xxx

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Thurs 11th Feb: Meet at the Blacksquare 4.30pm ends at 6.30pm (Games at the end so may go on till 7pm)
Those of you you who were out training on Sunday will no what sort of training we got planned for this week, we have to keep working hard to get through theses cold evenings.
Remember to bring water, snacks and first aid kits.

Monday, February 08, 2010


Sunday was a hard day of Pk, the sets of 50 armjumps killed but needed. I enjoyed the Wall, its a nice start to a hard day. I tryed to just take photo of hands and feet, didnt work out all that well tho. try again 2moro..Shame PJ and scott keep missing training, PK and Slacklineing. Good work to Sonke, Criss, Newboy, and Marchin with his Polish power! Im going to be out SlackLineing later let me kno if anyone on it..

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Shout out

Big Saiyan shout out to Sönke who has been coming to class for the last few weeks and showing great determination! But tonight he excelled himself when we turned up to teach class and found him sweeping the whole of Black square of glass and rubbish. This level of care for our training areas shows such respect and sets an example to us all!
Well done everyone at class on this wet night, its great to see so much determination from you youngsters!! See you all at the weekend!
Blake Saiyans

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Class..Dont be late!

All pupmed up from a weekend with some of the UKs best, cant wait for are class!!
Thursdays 4th: Meet at the Blacksquare 4.30pm ends at 6.30pm (Games at the end so may go on till 7pm)
Keep up the hard work guys and train till you cant stand!!
Bring water, snacks and first aid kits. Saiyans

Elephant and Castle 2010

Over the weekend the Saiyans team went to Off The Wall London jam and had an amazing time, meeting old friends and new. All of the Saiyan class worked well and trained hard as well as hiting some crazy spots!!

"Yesterday's Off The Wall London jam was a cracker, with a veritable horde of practitioners moving on, over, under and around the Elephant and Castle estate for the entire day despite the chilly conditions. Great to see so many people out for the first jam of 2010, and a pleasure to have the Saiyans down to join the fun. Thanks to everyone who came down and trained, we had a blast! Next open jam will be Sunday Feb 28th, though don't forget the Women's Jam on Sunday Feb 14th. " taken from PKGens news page!