Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cyrill Raffealli

Rumour has it that Cyrill Raffealli, Co-star of District 13, is set to be in the up coming Die Hard 4.0 aka "Live Free or Die Hard"
Hes not listed on IMDB however.
for a full look at his work click below
PS you didn't hear it from

The FreeRunning game..

The FreeRunning game is inevitable...
We at the Garden still have our contracts for this projects that we hoped would not see the light of day.
From the start it was wrong, taking the Tony hawks approach, it came across old and dated, and as over the top as a Lilly Savage hair-do.
And by having the likes of EZ in it was just laughable!!

Ubisoft signs UK deal with Reef Entertainment to distribute Free Running
Ubisoft, one of the world's largest video game publishers, have announced a UK sales and distribution deal with Reef Entertainment to release Free Running, a game based on the new and exciting sport of the same name, on the PlayStation® 2 and PlayStation® Portable (PSPTM) consoles in March 2007.

I think everyone knows how we feel about this game, but its unstoppable at this point. Urbanfreeflow have worked hard on this little investment over the past 2years or so and will boost them onto a untapped Freeruning market. Sounds good right?
Dont be conned by flash adds and unlockable videos, this whole project is one big promotion for the power mad Urbanfreeflow. What could have been a opportunity to push Le-parkour the lazy gamer market has instead been used as a tool for the likes of adidas to sell more crap!
The thing thats gets us is we really want to play a good Le-Parkour game, with D.Belle and other top guys..but we are all stuck with this!
Have a good look for yourself at.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Traning this Sunday

Hello everyone, just wanted to let youz know that this coming sunday Cable and Blake will be trainig in Bordfileds,Edgware from 12pm till late. The Clans been working hard on the upcoming b.p.c.a (more info to come soon) poject,and has not been out and about much, so to all that emailed or txt in over the harfterm brake see you sunday.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Portugal Hosts free Workshop with DB

If you happen to be in Portugal around the 9th February I would definitely advise taking the day off and jumping into a train heading to Lisbon.

Anyone who is interested in a free workshop in a safe environment and being taught by the man himself is welcome to participate.

For more information click here.

Yours Sincerely
Moses Saiyan Kallweit

Austrian Parkour Association
“Parkour by David Belle”