Wednesday, November 28, 2007

PK in heroes!

Parkour was featured in the NBC tv show the other night: HEROES!

To watch the clip from season 2, episode 10, click here.

The awesome copy-cat girl with the ability to learn anything she sees using muscle memory completes some nice simple moves. She does a quick reverse vault to keep on running, and does a tic-tac against the wall whilst vaulting the rail one hand. Really nothing flashy - but her aim was not escape in this instance, it was breaking and entering. Glad to see no flips or unnecessary movements, but how might this demonstration affect us as the practitioners? Could this reflect badly? Well hopefully it wont!

The only question that remains is.. Who was the dude performing the parkour?

Over and out

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Saiyans off to Germany..

Blake and Cable head off to Berlin, Germany on the 16th November to help teach at a parkour workshop alongside others.

More information and a brief write-up is likely to follow when they return!

Happy training
from Mike and all the Saiyans