Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A class Update

Over the past few months we’ve been working with a team of young, energetic and enthusiastic traceurs to set up small classes with big results! The class, which is made up of 8 boys and 2 girls, covers the basics of warm-ups/ warm downs, mobility, fitness, conditioning and of course parkour. We start with a light run into run with jump ups/downs/sideways/backwards and over & under obstacles, insisting on small obstacles with light impact to raise CV. Then onto mobility covering all major joints, paying extra attention to wrists and knees. Progressing to a full-body stretch session, we name and talk about muscles being used and the roles they play. Then conditioning, we have a set which starts with our hands on the ground, feet up on hip-height wall and combines locks and holds/push-ups/one-arm holds/forearm holds/backwards holds/dips/ 3 stage wall push-ups and so on.Then the fun stuff… Because the classes are a mixed bunch, we usually split the class based on age as our youngest is 8 and oldest 28! We’ve worked on the fundamentals of parkour e.g. jumps/lands/rolls/small volts/balance and foot placement. More recently we have moved on to arm jumps/wall runs and volts with speed. Also we have started to combine movements in “Runs” giving the students a chance to apply what they have learnt over the past few months. We always finish class with “Games” – run outs or had, we even have people from the local area who don’t attend the classes begging to join in the action! The majority of the students are new to parkour, but show a real passion for it, they are always training before and after class, weekends and school holidays. We’ve had so much fun with them and hope it continues over the summer and into next year.
Other highlights have been wicked music via The Boombox, giant crash mat day, kung-fu with Jim aka ‘Par-fu’, PK Easter egg hunt day (we hid Cadbury’s crème eggs all over The Black Square, one of our training locations). Thanks also to good friends Christian, Alex, Ross, ‘Backwards’ Elliott (click here to find out why we call him that), ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Bobby and everyone else who has come along to support the class.
Finally the biggest thanks to our students:
The brothers Polski - Marchin, Michal & Tristian.
The GP Crew – PJ, Elliott, Scott & Mitch
The girls – Katie & Mojo
Old man Amit
… and all the others!
Classes Wed: 5-7pm Weekends 12pm-late
For info on classes e-mail the garden.