Monday, January 26, 2009

Linz to London

Hey hey, more Saiyan family coming to stay. Our good friends Bernard and Alex are flying over in February for a week of training. They both live in Linz, a small area in Austria that's an absolute gem for Parkour. We were lucky enough to to get a chance to visit them there last June and would seriously recommend anyone visiting Austria to take a trip there. They regularly practise with Moses in Salzburg and with Leech, Matty, Shorni and all the guys in Vienna.

They are here from Wednesday 11th Feb and will be training round some of the usual London spots so if your're free and trainng round LDN between the 11th and 16th give us a shout, or if you see two traceurs wandering round looking like the fellas in the pics^ give em a big welcome.