Monday, January 29, 2007

Blanes new vid!! Docendo Discimus

Blanes is a traceur on a mission, the man that sleeps, drinks and eats Parkour. As well as being part of Team Traceur and a member of the upcoming Trace brand (info to come soon)he's one of the people behind a hardcore parkour circit known only as "Hell nights"
somthing us Saiyans as yet havent had the bottle to try out!
All the training has payed off for him, big time as his new video shows.
This vid is one of the best we at Saiyangarden have seen in the new year, and hope he keeps it up.
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Have a look at this..

somthing i found on my travels..take a look!!
Its a move that people just wont leve alone, In the UK it started with the monkey then Blake of Saiyan, uped it to Kong,then the King kong, then the double kong and now...
Clik here

Are flip parkour yes or no? Its an argument that will not die, David Belle himself insists thier not part of his discipline however meny people are confused, aruging he is contradicting himself by demonstrating flips in Adds, Vids and movies. This argument has now manifested its self into the form of a short vid, normaly we wouldnt pay much attenshion to this kind of vid however its got people talking so make of it what you will, Clik here

Monday, January 15, 2007

Jump Lincoln Video

Good friend of the Saiyans, Dale has been involved in the Lincoln Parkour scene since he left the big city for higher education. Since then he has generated a lot of interest from councils, schools and has set up workshops and classes, raising the profile of Parkour in the area. Despite almost being served with an ASBO and being hounded by local bobbys, his efforts havn't gone unnoticed and have had a mini documentary made about his students and the Lincs Parkour scene.
As the video shows there is some good potiential emerging from this quiet leafy town, and this definately ain't the last we'll hear from Dale aka Mr Tea!

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New pics in Gallery

Check out the new bunch of old skool pictures added to the Saiyan gallery courtesy of Kiell, the original Parkour photographer.
Link to the Gallery at the top.
Link to Kiell's site on the right. >