Monday, January 15, 2007

Jump Lincoln Video

Good friend of the Saiyans, Dale has been involved in the Lincoln Parkour scene since he left the big city for higher education. Since then he has generated a lot of interest from councils, schools and has set up workshops and classes, raising the profile of Parkour in the area. Despite almost being served with an ASBO and being hounded by local bobbys, his efforts havn't gone unnoticed and have had a mini documentary made about his students and the Lincs Parkour scene.
As the video shows there is some good potiential emerging from this quiet leafy town, and this definately ain't the last we'll hear from Dale aka Mr Tea!

Click Here for vid


At 7:08 pm, Anonymous Dale said...


(and thanks for the big up guys, majorly appreciated)

At 7:16 pm, Anonymous Mike said...

nice stuff dale... ha dude u look totally different with the glasses!!

At 7:38 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

lol, its all about the pick!! i new you would see the funny side. it was taken the week mogz came over to stay at dales place..
As fot the video, its good stuff, always good to see new upcoming kids, more so knowing there under the eye of Mr.T cant go wrong! A lot of flips tho but it always seem to be that way at the mo.
Dale mate your woking so heard behind the seens i wish everyone new just how much. whats this about EZ-e looking to nab one of your guys ?? hes trying to get'em when there young lol. tell me more..

At 8:49 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

lovin the pic

Good work dude!


At 2:09 pm, Blogger Brad said...

Dale you playa!

At 4:27 pm, Anonymous Dale said...

well after seeing this doc, apparently contacted one of lincs parkour to see if stuart was avilable to join the sponsored athletes side of freeflow

i dont know this for sure cause my sources are limited, but it could be likely seeing as freeflow are looking to expand their 'squad'

anyways im glad you liked the doc, and im hard at work on another (slightly higher profile) doc

i will stay strict with my guys this time, and maybe feature in the action for myself seeing as my fitness is improving rapidly :D

At 4:18 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

so is he going to freeflow??

"and im hard at work on another (slightly higher profile) doc"??

tell me more,lol i will bell soon mate.

yo brad welcome to the Garden, hope you like dude.


At 8:39 pm, Anonymous Dale said...

stuarts unfinished freeflow application

At 5:01 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

didn't stuart say he lost respect for Jason when he temporarily joined UF?
Money is a funny thing!


At 5:09 pm, Anonymous Max said...

this vid is great guyss...


At 8:35 pm, Anonymous Dale said...

just to keep you updated, stu sent the video to freeflow and EZ got in contact, and after speaking to him online and informally 'agreeing' to join the spontored athletes squad something must have twigged.

when EZ called him stu found out exactly what kind of guy he is and put our views and knowlege of his character to the appauling way he was being spoken to and thought FUCK THIS

but still, after speaking to stu he wanted to make parkour his life and moved over to WWJ, where he knows and chats to the team regularly, and they happily welcomed him onboard after seeing him in action a while back at the workshops we hosted, and out on the mean streets of lincoln.

so now my 'star pupil' is the newest member of the WWJ street team

a relatively happy ending to a situation that could have been much much worse

At 5:50 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

Thats good news mate, i would have been gutted if we lost him to the Darkside, lol i like that,
The Darkside.
Mr. potato-head cant buy everyone, sooner or later people see what we been seeing for years..GREED!!
The fact that they got so much cash to splash about and can almost guarentee over-seas trips for any new sponsored athletes, still dont make up for the pig-headed, ignorant, bully..Mr. potato-head.
people will turn him down because of his attitude to parkour and other traceurs,then will try to make their lives hard.
Look at the Jason (sin-clan)thing.I put up his "im out of here" post.

Jason's speach about his decision of quiting UF
Posted by Jerome on 2006/12/22 14:12:56 (626 reads)

I would like to apologise to every one for my decision to join urbanfreeflow, the reason that i chose to do so was because i wanted to help people learn parkour, gain contacts to help promote TRACE and to do some work to help fund TRACE. After just a few days I learned for myself what Ez was like and realised that i had made a big mistake, although members of the team are real Traceurs, nice guys, and share the same love for parkour, EZ is not one of them and does not care how parkour is portraid unless it envolves money, and i can not chose to support that. After writing a poite e-mail to EZ explaining that i had made a mistake in joining UF and that i was sorry for messing him around i received a very rude reply making it clear that he would not forget my "mistake" and would do all in his power to see me fail.
In short I was to hasty to try and help TRACE get off the ground and made a mistake in allinging myself with EZ, I have now learned my lesson and will allow things with Trace to happen naturally and all in good time. I hope every one can understand that i do want what is best for parkour and that i made a mistake "espescially to leave TT!" and forgive if you haven't already.

Thank you
Jason Matten.

At 10:01 pm, Anonymous Mike` said...

Chek this out - bloody hilarious...

On another subject, whats yours and other people's views on parkour&schools...?
- need 2 chat 2 u guys soon, get at me sumtime


(p.s... a reply wud be very much appreciated to this 1) :-D pop me a text or sumin

At 10:08 pm, Anonymous Max said...

deff look at the vid mike gt ther :P yh guys i need to chat to u aswell bout skkll sme as mike...


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