Monday, November 20, 2006

The name's Foucan... Sebastien Foucan

Went along to our local cinema to see our man Sebastien's big screen debut in Casino Royale. And we didn't have to wait long to see a 30ft Seb head bearing down on us. We we're right near the front so he looked massive for a little guy! None of us realised quite how involved Seb's character, Mollaka, would be and we're so excited to see a full 10 mins of Bond vs Parkour. It had an interesting start with Seb cheering on a fight with a snake and a ferret or something, quicky realised he's been spotted by MI6 and wastes no time to hot tail it out of there into a conviently obstacle packed building site, bring on the pk! Arm jumps, tic tacs, some serious buildering and some mad gaps. One of the coolest pk scenes was when Seb jumps from one floor of a building, onto a moving lift then onto the next floor leaving Bond shaken. But there's no out witting 007, who although taken some serious drops and bashes, did his best to keep up with Seb's lightning speed. But when you're getting chased by a man with a licence to kill, its only a matter of time before you're numbers up, even when you're blatently biting moves from District 13 to get away. (You'll know it when you see it). All in all it's a fantastic achievement for Le Parkour in general, Bond movies attract massive audiences accross the globe and Parkour will be forever immortalised in the bond mythology. Den denen dern den, denden, den denen dern den denden deneeeeeeeeeern den dern der. lol

Saiyan rating:
Parkour: 10/10
General movie: too much poker and bleeding eyes

Official Movie Trailer

Seb on Madonna Confessions tour

Madonna - Jump

Seb warming up with Madonna

Seb's Message


At 5:14 pm, Blogger Rom said...

its looks like an okay movie and some pretty nice and eficiant movements going on in it. also thanks for posting those other videos i hadent seen some of them :)

At 6:32 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

no prob dude, not always ez to find the good vids.

At 3:02 pm, Anonymous Bar said...

just saw the parkour is quality especially that lift thing...Bar...

At 12:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

james bond confuses me
the pk looks good


At 6:25 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

oi buffalo wheres 5star??

At 1:26 pm, Blogger kieraninmotion said...

I seen the Seb part online. It's pretty wicked. On top of that it's bloody entertaining. btw... its a mongoose fighting with the snake ;)


At 6:20 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

lol a what??


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