Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The last two weeks...

The last two weeks have been great, the sun’s been out and so have I! I really thought the summer had gone but the powers that be gave us two more amazing weeks, that topped the mid 20s (in September!) It gave me plenty of opportunity to work on my balancing, going over all my old rails, ropes and rooftop ledges with a bit more confidence, speed and control. I’m at the stage now where I can comfortably jump between single file rails. Also I can now hold my self for so far up to 30 minutes without dropping for rest (I’m aiming for a full 60 minutes).

Why all the balance? Like I said back in my uf days, balance is key. The better I get at it, the more I can introduce it to my everyday runs, for example, SDC to precision (or monkey precision for all you old school cats) becomes a lot easier because I can catch my balance a lot quicker or in some cases an instant before I actually land. My overall goal is to be able to do some tight rope walking…but I will never try this!

Also over the two weeks there has been a huge surge of interest from the local kids, some as young as 8 and their concerned but curious parents. It seems everybody in the saiyanhood wants to know what Parkour’s all about and how to get started. So never missing an opportunity to promote our beloved Parkour, I’ve been demonstrating the very basics to a very young crowd almost every day now and it’s very rewarding. The thing about kids, they see things differently often finding near impossible obstacles and asking “Can you do that one?” Their perception of difficult is different to our own, which is something I finding both inspiring and refreshing. We play a lot of follow the leader which is a perfect opportunity for me to guide the young crowd over small rails, low jumps and little precisions. I want them to get a feel for the real Parkour, as in obstacle after obstacle after obstacle as opposed to single movements. In my view, the quicker they get into this routine, the better for their possible future as a tracer. Today I left the kids with a chalked line and asked them to jump as far they could and mark where they landed with their initials. Tomorrow I’m planning on going back to see how the kids got on, let’s just hope it don’t rain.

That was two weeks.

Cable-always reppin’


At 10:58 pm, Blogger FM-Parkour said...

How Can You Imporve on you balance ur bloody amazing already!!!

Me and Bar are thinking my ends sumtime get back to me when u see this...


At 8:04 pm, Blogger FM-Parkour said...

d saiyans r 2 kl 4 skl

At 10:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know, i just found this place looks nice//
lots of photos always helps//
keep up the good work guys. put up more videos, everyone knows you have unseen stuff stop keeping it all back :)


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