Monday, September 04, 2006

Saiyan Students

Mike  learns a level SDBAt the beginning of the summer, SaiyanClan gave into demand and started teaching small classes to beginner tracers around the local area of North London. A group of potential tracers, “free runners”, and fad chasers showed up to our open days, however the flips, kicks and general attitude did them no favours and the group was quickly cut down. The ones remaining were then put through a series of test, both mental and physical to determine who had what it takes, and to let them know what to expect for the summer that ahead. These ranged from dealing with heights to endurance training. The results left us with 5 young dudes all with a respectful view of le Parkour and an understanding of what it would take to become tracer. The 5 that survived had shown determination, courage, focus and most importantly, passion. These kids are in love with Parkour. When most of their friends conjoined to a ps2 pad, they are out practising every chance that they get. Often they would fall but seldom would they complain, instead learning from their mistakes and quoting Belle’s “The best thing about falling down is getting back up again!”

All five guys levels are improving by the day but like most of us, still have a long way to go... watch this space!



At 7:47 pm, Blogger Mojo said...

Oooooooo, aaaaaaahhhhhh! Hehe
Cool, there’s new posts up. I think its great you guys have this place to share your parkour experiences with the world and hopefully your passion and enthusiasm for your chosen way of life will be portrayed in the same way as when you talk about in real life.
You guys really inspire and motivate others, as I witnessed first hand whilst watching a class the other day, its awesome your doing something for the kids!
Keep on rockin’ dudes!

Mojo. xx

At 9:20 pm, Blogger gordon flash said...

wow working hard guys looking good.
can we all meat up soon i want to TRAIN with the Sa.

At 7:24 pm, Blogger pk4life said...

yea me oh why was i talkin ha i look weird lol.
marc looks weird 2 ha

c ya



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