Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The other week the TCT came down to London for training and invited me along,
You might recognize the places from Forest and Dan's documentary, its one hell of an estate!
Lots of fun and games, have a look at the little video of the day.
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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Unless you've been living in a cave for the past year or so, The name Jason Matten needs no introduction. He's responsible for the series of parkour mini documentaries known as PKVM, and his next project is finally ready!

Trace clothing is an ambitious new line of Parkour clothing which provides a well needed alternative to other dominating freerunning brand$. What sets Trace apart is an emphasis on the positive promotion of Parkour and is not just plastered with meaningless symbols of over-glorified companies. When Jason first approached us, we were a little sceptical as we weren't very keen to get involved with a brand again. But what sold it to us was Jason's ideas which stretched beyond the clothing line, in actually wanting to help others. Also having the several like-minded traceurs from across the UK who we have a great deal of respect for. Obviously wearing Trace clothing is not going to make you run faster or jump higher, it isnt going to make you a better traceur, but it will make you look cool. lol but seriously some of these designs are fantastic and as the motto says, they are made "For Traceurs By Traceurs". At this stage the prices are no higher than other brands and obviously they are not essential but if you got a spare bit of dough and want some kick-ass new threads its definitely worth a look.

One of the first projects that extends beyond the clothing range is the TRACEUR gathering '07. This is a 3 day Parkour/Camping/all out mad adventure event from the 31st July to the 2nd August. It will see more that 150 traceurs camping at the field head campside in Edale, training and having a laugh in the beautiful natural environments of the peak district.
Trace reps Jin, Owen, Blane, Dave, Danny, Brad, and ourselves will all be present and leading the training in groups, the evening activities/conditioning and helping out where they can aswell as training and having a good time ourselves. There should also be a couple of special guests too.

All in all Trace is something that is here to stay, there is nothing good about a monopoly and Trace is just one player on this fast expanding board. More good things to come...
For more info check out the website