Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The FreeRunning game..

The FreeRunning game is inevitable...
We at the Garden still have our contracts for this projects that we hoped would not see the light of day.
From the start it was wrong, taking the Tony hawks approach, it came across old and dated, and as over the top as a Lilly Savage hair-do.
And by having the likes of EZ in it was just laughable!!

Ubisoft signs UK deal with Reef Entertainment to distribute Free Running
Ubisoft, one of the world's largest video game publishers, have announced a UK sales and distribution deal with Reef Entertainment to release Free Running, a game based on the new and exciting sport of the same name, on the PlayStation® 2 and PlayStation® Portable (PSPTM) consoles in March 2007.

I think everyone knows how we feel about this game, but its unstoppable at this point. Urbanfreeflow have worked hard on this little investment over the past 2years or so and will boost them onto a untapped Freeruning market. Sounds good right?
Dont be conned by flash adds and unlockable videos, this whole project is one big promotion for the power mad Urbanfreeflow. What could have been a opportunity to push Le-parkour the lazy gamer market has instead been used as a tool for the likes of adidas to sell more crap!
The thing thats gets us is we really want to play a good Le-Parkour game, with D.Belle and other top guys..but we are all stuck with this!
Have a good look for yourself at.


At 6:15 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

so tell us what you think??

At 7:39 pm, Anonymous Bruno Rachacuca said...

I couldn't agree more..
and still, based on the game videos,
it's just not fun at all..

the UFF characters suck, i don't wanna see Bam and EZ on the screen, that's for sure.

- Bruno Rachacuca, from Belo Horizonte, Brazil -

At 12:10 am, Anonymous Mike said...

completely agree, and amongst those points you mentioned *cough* UFF..
way too unrealistic! dont you think thats just giving people the wrong idea, that they are then just gna go out and try and copy the game.
those tic tacs in the trailer make them look like they can fly with ease!


At 12:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I completely argee, Parkour is not something which should be turn into a game of a articfical world.

I believe Parkour is not sport but the way in which the body SHOULD move, breathe and interact with the environment. It is not something which can be experience through a television screen but through our existist in reality.

Overall,though in sounded cool, the game was a bad idea and was probably doomed at the start.

Thats my view

At 8:58 pm, Blogger jin said...

blurgh, hate the idea, its soooo silly. Most rediculous concept to play as EZ haha. Argh, well never mind there is nothing to be done about it, at least ez has lost some of his best members recently.
we have our own 'projects'in the making which are actually beneficial though eh ;)

At 4:30 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

weclome to the Garden Bruno Rachacuca,all the way from Brazil!
I would love to go train out there.

Every ones i have talked to is in sucks! lol but you know the old saying "dont judge a book by its cover" we may all maybe playing it no-stop soon! I dont think people will come away from it without a clue becouse of the demos from S.F. thank good for that.
Have you ever played a game and had no idear whats its baced on..i havent,what im geting at is even if its a shity game it will bring outsiders to pk via curious research.
lol playing as EZ aka Mr.potatohead is so funny, hes a 39 year old coke sniffing x doorman from surrey for cristsake!!
At Jin, projects that im working right now mate..
How much do you think they are geting??

At 5:39 pm, Anonymous dale said...

"lol playing as EZ aka Mr.potatohead is so funny, hes a 39 year old coke sniffing x doorman from surrey for cristsake!! "

hahahahah best quote ever!

At 2:19 pm, Blogger Hayaki,Urban,Daz,Zen said...

OMG i really want this game to burn out as quick as possible, free running should not be made public it should be abolished.
The distance that the guys can jump is unrealisticn such a bad play on tony hawks.
those guys suck


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