Sunday, December 30, 2007

Here Comes 2008!!...

It's been a great year for us all and as 2008 is fast approaching, we would like to wish everyone a wonderful New Year from all of the Saiyan Family.


At 7:25 pm, Anonymous Dale said...

hey guys, happy new year and happy trainings for 2008

to see you into the new year, here is the show we did last week at the energise Christmas celebrations

the guys you see in the middle of the video are the kids I teach every week. they have been practising from nothing for 8/9 weeks with me and I thought it would be good for them to show what they had learnt in that time

(the video skips cause the DVD it
was copied from was scratched, so you don't see me on stage explain that TRICKS ARE NOT PARKOUR, but the people in the audience now know)

anyway check it out...

YouTube Link

Direct Download (works on PS3/PSP)

At 7:29 pm, Anonymous Dale said...

for some reason the youtube link didnt work in my last post, so here it is again

Youtube Video

At 9:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey were you guys at the new year jam in london

At 2:04 am, Blogger Ben Nuttall said...

Right back at you. Best wishes for 2008. Hope to see you other than the Trace Gathering (as well as, not instead of).

Speaking of which, Paul (the guy from Mancs with the sickass camera) just released his Trace Gathering edit. Check it out at

Take care guys, all the best :D


At 7:54 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

Blake, i finally got round to cutting and uploading the episode of Jack Osbourne Adrenaline Junkie that I found..

anyway check it out at,
I saw 01:35, n is that u at 01:41?

dont recognise you in ther cable but its quite blurred


At 12:40 am, Anonymous Dale said...

the first Lincs Parkour Teaching Workshop, and 'advanced' jam in the hall


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