Sunday, September 30, 2007

Channel 4 Shoot

Sorry to all who haven't heard from us recently, it has been a little quiet on the blog. Anyway here's a short update on one of the projects we've been working on recently.

On Wednesday 15th of August we did some filming work with Parkour Coaching in which we shot some innovative ident material with Channel 4 for The Discovery Channel in London. What was cool was that we were using POV cameras that allow the viewer to see exactly what the traceur sees as he or she moves.

Blake - What this meant was me having a camera attatched to a helmet on my head with a wire leading to a runner with a 20kg vcr on his back (I'm sure its more hi tech), then a wire leading to the director running along with a portable monitor. I then had to run while doing very simple parkour movements and try and capture all the other guys in the shot, without tripping over the wires or getting the crew in shot. Sounds mental but really quite fun. Keep your eyes peeled for some pk action on the Discovery channel in October!!

Thanks to all at Parkour Coaching Ltd, Chris, Dom and Ramon, and a big thanks to all the Channel 4 crew for your work. Also thanks to our boss Tim for letting us take the day off on such short notice.

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At 10:07 pm, Blogger karin said...

hi blake

i hope everbody is alright:),
best regards to everbody.

i really wonna see the vid, but i didnt find anythink where i can watch it.
do you know where i can watch it?


At 6:56 pm, Blogger Ben Nuttall said...

Haha sounds ace!

Let me know if it appears on the web, I don't think we have the Discovery Channel.

Always wondered what pk would be like from a helmetcam. Guess you can't do anything more than simple movements.

We did some filming in Sheffield with the BBC guys that came to Trace. They said it will be shown some time in October but you never know with these things. Often they just film stuff that never gets shown. Hope it does though (Although we'll see it on TV but you guys won't, it's just on Yorkshire & Lincolnshire. They said it'd be on the web too though.

Hope training's going well along with your media stuff.

Take care guys,


At 3:27 pm, Anonymous Samson said...

Hi saiyans.

Hi Cable,
i think you remeber me.
we meet at the workshop in essen and had some nice talking (you've been my instructor).
I've been looking forward to see you again the next day in duisburg and was sad that you didn't join the other guys.
Thanks again for the great time.

PS: you can reach me through


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