Friday, August 22, 2008

Video: Saiyans at Trace '08

POW!! Here's the Saiyans at trace 08 video, filmed and edited by the one and only Michael Stacey! (Click through to youtube and watch it on high quality)

Hope you all enjoy it, see if you can spot yourselves in the pics!!


At 7:37 pm, Blogger Ben Nuttall said...

Yeh man sick video! I saw myself in 1 shot of me bandaging Blake's arm up! :D

You got these photos hosted/posted anywhere?


At 9:29 am, Anonymous Dale said...

saiyan hoooooo

awesome video guys

even with all the male nudity!

At 9:55 am, Blogger The Saiyans said...

i love your hair too michael, its fucking wicked !

nice one ;)


At 8:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you read your bloody emails please...

At 5:41 am, Blogger Bradley Moss. said...

wish i was there with you guys.

im back in the uk on the 19th, i arrive in the UK at 6:45am, Next Thursday. (the 19th) i think. thinking about training in london till early afternoon.

you available??

drop me a message on facebook, or to my email address to the same name (bradleymoss)

At 7:24 pm, Anonymous maddocmax said...

Nice :)

hmmm, need/want a air ticket to the UK...


@Cable: Email plz
or ICQ-210661784
I´m planing a little UK trip. Would be nice to meet and train with u.

greets from

Auch Grüße nach Österreich an Moses.


At 5:01 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

hi maddocmax,

wie läufts in müchen so?

bist mal in salzburg?

@ brad, wassup ;)

@ anonymous: we all just got back from holiday, so chill.


At 8:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

where these snaps at then saiyans?


At 8:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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