Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Off The Wall, Sunday!

"The first of the free London jams, known as Off The Wall, will occur this month on the last Sunday as always - 31st January - and will be held at the Elephant and Castle training area. The jam kicks off outside Elephant and Castle tube station, meeting outside the Shopping Centre exit before heading down to the location. All are welcome, to train, hang out or share training tips and advice or simply to meet other like-minded practitioners. Some of the PKGen team are always on hand to lend a hand if required, and the jams are always fun, easy-going and good training. Come on down! For more information, email Brian on brian(at)"

PK Gen.


At 3:18 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

What is stopping you from having the most amazing experience today? (Material goods such as money, an easy job, fancy clothes? Or is it just your current perception of everyday things which you have little control over and yet constantly moan about making you grumpy?)

At 4:09 pm, Anonymous Scott said...

yeahhh boi XD what time are we all meeting up??

At 10:30 pm, Anonymous Sönke said...

Dont know. Will we go by tube or by train? Train is much faster ;) and nearly same price I think.


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