Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Stonegrove Slacklinining

All fired up from watching the skywalker in action, we are heading back down to Stonegrove Park for some slacking and rings. Then back down to Atlas (or Higgins as PJ calls it) to check out the new spot. Same sort of deal as last weekend except were getting to the park for 12 so meet at Edgware Station at 11.45.

edit: pics


At 10:39 pm, Anonymous Michal PK said...

omg:D sikkk day i loved the slacklining

At 2:19 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

Yeh it was a good day. You and marcin are getting a lot better with slacklining. Its so hard when you start but you can see improvement every time you use it.


At 8:59 pm, Anonymous chris said...

sorry i couldnBut it was still great 2day. Slacklining outside cables house. grrrrrrrr i still cant walk the whole slackline without falling off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris

At 9:01 pm, Anonymous chris said...

I mean 'sorry i couldnt come' typing error

At 9:27 pm, Blogger The Saiyans said...

What a weekend!
It was a lot of work but a lot of fun to. That was the longest Slack line we have set up to date. It was wet, windy and cold but it just made it better..
Big ups to all that came out this weekend, Mike, Marchin, E and Chris.

Cable LOVES the Slack lining!

At 8:37 pm, Blogger Mike said...

Blog is looking great guys! Gonna try head down this saturday.

Try add the ability to 'Follow with Google Friend Connect' or 'Google Follower', (whatever it's called).

Peace x

At 8:17 pm, Anonymous chris said...

hey man!
thanks for training today
it was probably the best training session we have had in a long time. All of the cat leaps at atlas and the course at atlas was amazing.
ill be at training tommorow
see you then!

At 10:56 pm, Blogger Jim Key said...

I feel like I was there that day as I was on the phone so long. So here I am, posting a post to let you all know i'm working on a blog of my own to keep you all updated on my training year which should be up as soon as I have something interesting to put on it. :)
Until then, I'm here. I will hopefully be back in your endz sometime soon. Good luck and all my best wishes to all the little saiyans, you're in good hands.
Blake and Cable: details for 5 animals are:
sunday the 8th of nov 11 am in leeds, if you can, come to mine sat the 7th and we'll get lifts to leeds. It should be awesome, still not sure if craig is coming yet.
And to all the little saiyans I am gonna steal your teachers for a weekend if they can make it and send them back awesome kung fu masters.


At 8:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dudes nice class today :P sorry about the illness lool
anways i made the cat leap and i am proud everyone is improving so much ....
anways see you tomorrow cable (friday) and see everyone else for the central get together anyways
peace out =P

At 8:43 pm, Anonymous PJ said...

anonymous = PJ

At 9:55 pm, Anonymous chris said...

hey man!
class was good today.
Probably the hardest class we have had in a long time. See you tommorow

At 8:47 pm, Anonymous Michal PK said...

Wat we doing on saturday ??


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